Merrimack Valley Magazine article

   If you are reading this and live in my neck of the woods you should already be familiar with Merrimack Valley Magazine (  If you’re not, go out and get a copy. It’s a great regional magazine featuring the people and culture that is unique to the Merrimack Valley. Especially this month, as moi is featured in a story by Kathleen Pierce called Life After Layoffs. Life After Layoffsp1 Life After Layoffsp2Kevin Harkins took the photo of me on the 2nd pg. After so many years providing revenue for the fourth estate (newspaper advertising sales) and totally believing I was thriving on all of the stress that the deadlines of a daily newspaper is fraught with, I so wish I had come to this arena earlier in life. My favorite thing to do related to wine is conduct guided tastings for newbies. I love to see people in a group drop all of the intimidation and fear about wine and start to ask questions everyone wants to know the answers to but were afraid to ask, like, “If wine is made from grapes why is it supposed to taste like everything other than grapes?” These are the kinds of questions I had too when I first started down Wineaux Road.

About AdventourGirl

Overweight and out of shape older adventurer touring and exploring abandoned spaces and historic places.
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