Palate Press Story – Westport Rivers

Palate Press has given me the opportunity to write about one of my favorite regional wineries. Worth the trip from anywhere in New England.

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4 Responses to Palate Press Story – Westport Rivers

  1. I’ve been to Westport Rivers and yes it was worth the trip for me. I really enjoyed their NV Pineau de Pinot. It was quite good and very reminiscent of a cognac with fig and honey nuances, well at least for me – very tasty. I’m on my quest to visit all or almost all of the New England wineries. I’ve hit about 45 so far. Any recommendations on “must” visit wineries?

    • WiningWays says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Pretty much all of the members of the Coastal Wine Trail offer a great experience (see post: Turtle Creek in Lincoln is excellent too.

      • I just visited Hardwick Vineyards & Winery and Mineral Hills on Friday and had a great time at both wineries. Seems that in MA a TV show called “Chronicle” (or at least I think that was the name) will review “things to do” in the state and when I arrived at Hardwick around 1 pm the sommelier asked if I was here because of the show. When they found out I was from CT they understood why I didn’t know about the show. Anyway, they were busy to say the least and glad that I decided to visit them.

        I was quite impressed with both wineries and at Hardwick I tried their Quabbin Native both chilled and warmed with mulling spices, both were awesome – don’t know which one I liked better. At Mineral Hills I was lucky enough to get a barrel tasting of their 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon and this will be a show stopper if he can keep the pH at the level he wants. New England wines have come a long way and I only see them getting better with age – no pun intended:)

        So, I will look up Turtle Creek and visit them soon based on your recommendation.

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