Declare Your Wine Independence

flagHappy Independence Day fellow United States-ians! As you are enjoying your festivities today with friends and family, and posting all sorts of patriotic pics and memes on facebook and other social media consider this – do you live in one of the 11 remaining states that still prohibit wine shipments direct to the consumer? I do. In Massachusetts the state Supreme Court even ruled on it being unconstitutional but we have yet to pass legislation to rectify this. Why? Wholesalers and distributors have a more powerful voice in Congress than I do, or you. Why not start a conversation about it today at your Independence Day celebration. Perhaps it can help spark a consumer revolution. A new wine consumer advocacy group has sprung up called the American Wine Consumer Coalition. The hope of  founders David White of the blog Terroirist and Tom Wark of Fermentation is to grow a paid membership based group that will become a voice powerful enough to be heard over the wholesalers’ lobby. Shouldn’t you, as a law-abiding, patriotic American be able to purchase a legal agricultural product from whichever state you want? Why should a wholesaler or package store be able to make that decision on your behalf? My hope is that the new AWCC along with the organization Free the Grapes, (an older grassroots consumer group aimed at educating the consumer and government about making changes to the current three tier system regulating alcohol sales that has been in place since the repeal of Prohibition) will finally be able to give consumers a fighting chance. Join one or both organizations. Subscribe to their newsletters. Read Robert Taylor’s Mixed Case column in Wine Spectator. Share your opinion. Express your right of free speech. Help make our voices heard!

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