911 Memorial Visit

I felt today was a good day to re-post my visit to the 9/11 Memorial. 
September 11th is such a solemn day of remembrance – of the heroes who answered the call, many who gave all, of the ones we lost, and the collective damage we sustained as a nation. I also remember in the days and weeks that followed many who didn’t know any other way to show solidarity with New York and express their anger and grief except waving large flags along busy streets. I remember a lot of flags being flown. We’ll all have forever that “Where were you when” moment that the Greatest Generation had after Pearl Harbor. So many tragedies both natural and man-made have come and gone since but on this one day we are galvanized as a people and we live and we endure. That’s what we do best – we endure. Take a moment to look at One World Trade Center. One World. Peace. 



Some people “dance it out” when they have pent up emotion or frustration, like on Grey’s Anatomy with Meredith and Christina. While this is not normally a topic for this blog, this is my blog and I needed a place to “write it out”.

I visited New York last weekend to see the 911 Memorial. Of course it was the coldest day in a winter that has spoiled us with spring temperatures since October’s Snowmaggedon. I was prepared to be emotional. I have seen the endless replaying of the day’s events each year as the anniversary approaches, watched the documentaries, and was prepared to be moved to tears. I feel a weird kind of survivor’s guilt as a former New Yorker. I have many friends who were much closer to what happened than I, and feel fortunate not to have lost any loved ones personally but we all…

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