Thanksgiving Wines

Still valid, though now I would add Chile’s Carmenere to the list, especially if you like a little peppery spice. Once thought to be a Chilean varietal of Merlot called Tinto, recent DNA testing has proven it to be the lost Bordeaux blender. Carmenere iin Chile arrived vefore the European Phylloxera epidemic and therefore did not require its rootstock to be grafted in order to prevent the dreaded louse that has killed thousands of vines.


Tis the season…

Americans consume more wine on Thanksgiving day than any other day of the year. If you have any interest in wine at all you will start to notice, much the same way Christmas decorations start going up in stores around the end of September, that everyone who has any opinion about wine will share their tips for choosing a good wine for your Thanksgiving celebration. So here are mine.

People often don’t realize that with all the many and varied side dishes served with the traditional turkey (not to mention all of the non-traditional hams, lasagnas, turducken, tofurky, and such), matching your wine to the meal is not so easy. Food pairing basics match the dominant flavors, how heavy the meal is, etc. Do you prefer red or white? The list below goes from crisp whites to reds, and includes dessert wines and digestifs.

Sauvignon Blanc –…

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