Q & A Red Blend – How well do you know your wine?


How well do you know your wines? How about a wine with wine trivia right on the label? The Ron Rubin Family of Wines has created a good wine in a fun package. Q & A is a California red blend of merlot, ruby cabernet, cabernet sauvignon, and petit syrah. I’m a fan of red blends of all sorts – Bordeaux (duh!), Australian GSM’s and Rhones, blend masters like Dave Phinney’s Orin Swift. I’ve been drinking this wine for months and plan to continue drinking it through the summer, with friends, at cookouts, and in my air-conditioned livingroom!

The label is not just cute. It’s interactive. It features a series of 12 sets of beginner wine knowledge questions and answers. I received my first bottle as a sample, courtesy of Diaz Communications  (Thanks, Jo!) and I know I won’t be the only one (wine geek) who goes back to the wine shop looking for the other labels. I’ve seen four of the twelve. Some of the questions are very basic but there are a few more challenging. The questions were compiled by the faculty of the Sonoma State University Wine Business Institute. Play along! It’s fun, and you may even learn something!


Sorry. No answers. You’ll have to get your own bottle of Q & A Red Blend

The juice isn’t too shabby either. This medium-bodied wine is dark red, with purplish tinges influenced by the petit syrah. It hits the palate boldly, with dark cherry, blueberry, blackberry, and a little vanilla and spice. In a Bordeaux style, with structured tannins, it has a lingering finish. It was a great accompaniment to my grilled ribeye. The total wine experience is what does it for me. I found this wine locally for $15. It’s nice to be attracted to a wine on the shelf that isn’t trying to grab me with a cute critter label. (Go ahead, send me comments of good wine with a cute critter label).


Ron Rubin wines are made using sustainable practices. They are a Certified California Sustainable Vineyard and Winery in the Green Valley of the Russian River Valley in California.


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