It has taken me a long time to establish a sample policy. My reluctance ha

s always been a lack of desire to write negative reviews along with some obligation to do right by someone who sampled me. So here it is, my new sample policy.

I will be very happy to receive wines and wine related products for review. However, I will not promise to publish a review. I do not wish my blog to become a place for panning some winemaker’s best efforts. I am certain that anything I may not like is someone else’s favorite wine (barring any bottles exhibiting common wine faults). I will sample all wines and products received. If I am not satisfied, for whatever reason, I will not publish the review, but I will communicate privately with the sender to describe my experience with their product, to both acknowledge receipt of the product and to give constructive criticism. If I do enjoy the product I will of course rave publicly and share with my network.

If you wish to sample me please use the shipping address below and include all technical notes available for your product.

Lorie Perrone
42 South Hunt Road
Amesbury, MA 01913

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