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Meet the People and Places of New England Wine

Subscribers may remember that a few months ago I started working at New England Uncorked, a specialty wine importer and distributor. Our portfolio focuses heavily on wines from the New England states, eastern Canada, and New York state. We just … Continue reading

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Anna de Codorníu Announces SHARE Partnership

Many casual wine drinkers are unaware of how much the wine world actually does for and gives to charities. I think it is in their nature on several levels. Winemakers are about producing a product that is supposed to enhance … Continue reading

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Red Bubbles for Valentine’s Day

Many people believe Valentine’s Day is no more than a Hallmark card holiday, invented by the greeting card and confections industries. There is some real history to the sentiments of the day. The infographic below (attribute: History Channel) lays it … Continue reading

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Palate Press Story – Westport Rivers

Palate Press has given me the opportunity to write about one of my favorite regional wineries. Worth the trip from anywhere in New England. http://palatepress.com/2011/11/wine/westport-rivers-not-your-typical-regional-wines/#respond

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Free Wine Tastings

So you’ve seen, swirled, smelled, and sipped some wines and decided you want to continue to expand your palate. All of those avowed and acknowledged experts are presented with numerous incredible opportunities to sample fine wines and you want to … Continue reading

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Other Wine Bottle Sizes

Most people are familiar with the standard size wine bottle being 750ml. Some even know that a magnum is considered to be two standard size bottles, often referred to today as the 1.5lt. How many of you are aware of … Continue reading

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If wine is made from grapes why is it supposed to taste like everything other than grapes?

This was one of my first questions when I began tasting wines. Wine can be made from anything fermentable, especially other fruits. Most people who taste wine and do not yet have a developed palette are still able to discern … Continue reading

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