Now bringing you the best wines of the northeast


WiningWays is up and at it again! Now bringing you the best wines of the northeast!

I’ve been inactive for a while on my blog as well as in my life. I had knee replacement about 18 months ago and it seems I hadn’t gotten myself back in gear. With other health issues setting a number of lifestyle changes in motion, I’ve struggled at how to incorporate my wine life into my new reality. This isn’t a blog about me but I am coming back to my blogging, and shifting my focus. Oh, and a major site overhaul is long overdue.

Going forward I will write about my favorite pairings. Wine and food, wine and friends, wine and experiences, and wine travels. Sometimes the food will be healthy and clean, and sometimes the food will be oh so delicious but to be enjoyed in smaller portions than I have indulged myself in the past. I have great friends in the wine industry who will sample me from time to time. I love creating tasting events for friends. It has been a good way for me to amplify the value of those samples. The group is diverse and so is the wine knowledge. I’ve got some new wine products and wines to write about, so stay tuned. New kinds of packaging and preservation are always interesting. There are some new wine regions trending this year. Last year everyone was all over Georgian wines as the oldest known wine producing region in the world, and their method of production is still unique thousands of years later!

I’ve been working from my home office since the knee surgery so I started dog boarding. The passive income is a bonus while providing pre-screened puppy playdates for my dog Lucy. You can see lots of Lucy at my Room to Roam Facebook page. This summer I’m thinking of hosting a Pinot and Puppies playdate with all the puppy parents whose dogs I’ve hosted this past year. I think it will be more fun than standing around in the dog park while your pooch goes off and socializes.

It has been interesting during this particular phase of my life, having left the corporate work world. I now derive a substantially smaller income from multiple sources. There is certainly a lot of room for growth and improvement but it has made me feel more connected to what I do and the outcome than any job I ever had. For most of my adult life, it was considered a good thing if you could multi-task. I think the enlightenment of the 21st century thus far is that notion doesn’t work. I can hear that song, “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan…”. Maybe you can multitask well. I used to think I could. I practice mindfulness now. I want to mono-task well. I want to be able to focus rather than juggle.




Just as I was retreating from my wine life a new wine person came into it. It has re-invigorated me and I am excited to have a purpose in wine again. Dianne Carter started New England Uncorked, LLC in 2012 after her own wine epiphany on an anniversary trip in Connecticut. More about Dianne in another post. New England Uncorked is a wholesale distributor/importer of regional wines of New England and the northeast. It has a mission I can passionately get behind.

Our vision is to educate about the offerings within our reach. Good wine is not limited to specific regions or countries. Good wines can be found in places where you would not expect to find them.  Our goal is simple… we are committed to introducing to you the fabulous wines of our region.

Dianne Carter/CEO New England Uncorked, LLC

It aligns perfectly with my own interests in #ShopSmall #ShopLocal #FarmtoTable and #SlowFood. She has done the hard work to get these wines on menus and in shops and to get some buzz going. I will be helping with that too. I look forward to featuring those wines here from time to time.



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